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My mission in life is to foster self-esteem so that others experience hope and the richness of their being.

My greatest wish is to cultivate self-worth in others by bringing to life their vision, thus giving them a sense of self-fulfillment and pride in achieving their goals. Driven by my passion for helping others, I am committed to working with and developing programs for disenfranchised populations in New York.


I put my experience, grit, and relentless devotion to recognizing the humanity in others and making a personal impact on the communities I serve.

My international professional work experience in the for-profit sector includes working as an auditor to leading investment banks at Spicer & Oppenheim in the U.K., as an Executive Compensation Consultant at Towers Perrin and Hewitt Associate, and as a journalist at Forbes Magazine. In the non-profit sector, I have worked as the Director of Teen Services and Marketing Manager at the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon, NY, as an Analyst at The World Bank, as a Project Administrator at Projecto Alternativas in the Honduras, and Project Coordinator in India.

My accomplishments range from conducting a net worth analysis of billionaires’ families and individuals using investigative research and data analysis skills for Forbes INC.  to developing programs that address public health, educational and emotional problems among high-risk youth.


My passion and focus on fairness, integrity, and quality, coupled with my ability to deliver projects efficiently and effectively, have seen me excel at my work. I firmly believe in never quitting and always endeavor to bring people together to perform to the best of their abilities and reach reasonable solutions in a collaborative environment. My academic accomplishments include a Bachelor of Commerce from Bombay University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester, and a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University. I put my experience, grit & relentless devotion to make a personal impact on the communities I serve

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